Tuesday, 5 April 2016

It's All in the Language of Tax

Some rich people use tax havens to avoid paying tax, it has emerged, just like a some self-employed people offer to be paid in cash if no receipts are given. The scale is different though and the aims are different. In the one case it's greed, in the other it's to make a few bob on the side. Both are illegal, however, yet on the one side are dangerous despots and on the other are dangerous builders.

There was an item on the news about children for whom English is not their first language doing better at school than monolingual British children. Someone from the think-tank producing this report was heard to speculate that this may be due to better parenting support.

Just a few weeks ago there was a news item stating that bilingual children benefit cognitively from having two languages and two viewpoints. Nothing to do with parenting. You'd think the think-tank people would 'think' to have read the other scientific research before jumping to conclusions.

Am I the only person who, when he or she sees Facebook posts challenging you to try and name a dog, country, vegetable or fruit not having an A  (or B, or C, etc.) in it, who thinks; "Are the people who respond to this stuff morons?"

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