Wednesday, 15 February 2017

Customer Service

Whatever happened to customer service? Last month it was the people who install new power supplies and it took 3 missed appointments before someone actually came out on site and put a meter in. This month it's BT, who were meant to have installed a new phone line on Monday - not only didn't anyone show up, but BT themselves don't know what went wrong and say it will be 24 hours before they do - needless to say that 24 hours went by without feedback.

Bad customer service seems to be peculiar to public utilities where the product is a commodity and the only differentiator is price. That said, customer service is also a differentiator, but one that affects price. So I guess utility owners have taken a gamble that the instances of customers having to utilise customer services are so few that they're prepared to take the risk. However, it's a mistake to take the risk at the start of a service.

Regardless of any of the above, all the utilities outsource new power supplies to, I believe, 4GS and you have no alternative to BT for a new line, so that's just a case of hostage taking.


  1. Such a pity that you cannot make a pirate connection ?

    1. It has to come from a BT pole on our property, so beyond my capability.