Saturday, 4 February 2017

Difficult 2nd Powerhouse Air Ram

I've plateaued at 85kg, down from 89kg just after Christmas. I've hit what Hay calls my difficult 2nd album phase in my effort to lose some plumage. I'm either going to have to cut back a bit on the cheese, or convince myself that 85kg is the perfect weight for a 5' 11½" 61 year-old. Onwards and downwards...

Hay has borrowed the latest G-Tech Air Ram to see how it compares to the older one. While she was out shopping yesterday I thought I'd vacuum under my desk, but no matter what buttons I pressed I simply couldn't get the handle to tilt. I managed to almost disassemble the bloody thing and even had the entire handle off, but could I get the handle to tilt - could I hell.

I queried her indoors when she got home and apparently, contrary to all logic, you just force it with more pressure than you'd deem acceptable.

The Northern Powerhouse. Seems it's another one of those wishlist things and doesn't seem to be materialising. If the government can't create a Northern Powerhouse within the confines of the UK, what chance is there of making Brexit a success within a global context?


  1. I got down to 91 kg and I don't seem to be able to get below that. This time last year I was 114 kg so i am not heartbroken about it. I am 6 foot 5. I am just getting rid of the Christmas plumage as you put it.