Thursday, 23 February 2017

Ripped Eyes

Spectacles are becoming a rip-off. Time was when you could get your old specs reglazed for next to nothing, but these days they bring in a frame design only to withdraw it a nanosecond after you've invested in it, meaning you have to buy a new frame every time you need a new prescription, and the frame is often, and inexplicably, more expensive than the lenses. I was ripped off for £156 the other day at Specsavers - I could buy a car for that! But at least I get the eye test for free now.

Now for the interesting part. It was £156 for one pair, but the two-for-one deal resulted in a cost of £208. I think that may be because I have varifocals.

Roll on the day they develop a reliable pair of self-adjusting specs that last a lifetime.

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