Sunday, 26 February 2017

Homeless Kefir Rungs

Jeremy Corbyn is apparently determined to finish the job he set out to do; by the look of it, I guess that must be the total destruction of the Labour Party. At least the LibDems will benefit.

Talking of Jezza, I saw our local homeless person (there's only one) just off the High St yesterday. Rather than giving him money, Hay normally gets him something useful; last time it was a blanket for him and his dog. We were walking past a local gift shop when I spotted him and suggested something from there - Hay didn't think a Cath Kidston bag or a scented candle would go down too well though.

I bought some kefir starter grains on eBay and am having a go at making a litre of the stuff. Hay quite likes it and it's meant to be much better for you than yoghurt. Will report as and when (and if) I get a result. Doesn't seem much different from using sourdough starter.

The first ferment takes 24 hours - and it's looking good so far.

Hay's dad came round to borrow our ladder yesterday, but he said he only wanted three rungs as he's scared of heights. Despite suffering from flu he still seems not to have lost his sense of humour.

I see there's been a terrorist incident in New Orleans where a vehicle ploughed into a crowd - OK, I know it's not a terrorist incident, but Trump is bound to report it as such, say the perpetrator was a Mexican offshoot of ISIS - ISIM - and use it to justify all manner of nonsense.

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