Thursday, 2 February 2017

Of Ships and Shoes.... and Brexit

Time for a bit of nostalgia. I thought I'd show a small selection of the vessels I sailed in during my seagoing career, from 1971 through to the early 90s, starting with my first ship, the Onitsha, through to my last vessel, the container ship, Tokyo Bay.






Tokyo Bay

They got better as time went by, although they lost some of the soul of the earlier ships.

I don't envy the MPs having to vote on Brexit. The Brexit camp keep saying that if they don't vote their way then they won't have a job at the next election (a hollow threat when half the country is for remaining). I was surprised though that the vote wasn't more reflective of the referendum split. However, if it all goes tits-up (as it will, as I've not heard a single valid economic argument for leaving and all the Brexit camp talk banging on about is free movement), then the MPs will still get the blame for the fallout, as the fickle electorate is never willing to take the blame for the consequences of their actions. The MPs are damned if they do and damned if they don't.


  1. None of those ships have balconies! And what about a swimming pool or two? You wouldn't catch me dead on one of those. They have the look of Fred Olsen line ships to me.

    1. The white one had a swimming pool for the passengers, and the green one did too. The rest had a wooden construction with a tarpaulin inside as swimming pools. Balconies were all at the back of the accommodation. Ocean greyhounds...

  2. I always thought the Glen boats were the best looking of Blue Flu/Ocean's fleet

  3. I hope that you left them all intact and afloat when you moved ashore :-) ?