Tuesday, 7 February 2017

Strange Email Flights

Overheard on Facebook Messenger:

Hay: "You watching the BBC News?"

Chairman: "No - can't get it here. Watching National Geographic channel."

Hay: "BBC story about East Lancs Accident and Emergency Dept."

Chairman: "Riveting! I'd rather watch National Geographic. Story about Atlantis possibly having been Morecambe."

What with email hacks and people's private thoughts being blasted all over the media, I would suggest that celebs go back to writing letters.

Got to chapter 8 in "It Can't Happen Here." Found this bit; Trump seems to be using article 15 of Buzz Windrip's manifesto as a manual:

Used the BA App yesterday for my flight to Athens and, for the first time, I used the mobile phone boarding pass - with great trepidation, I may add. What if your phone decides to go tits-up, or runs out of battery? You'd be stuffed!

Saw Dr Strange (the film) on the plane - total load of twaddle. Cumberbatch must have been paid a fortune to star in it, as I don't think it will do his credibility much good.

Not on The Chairman's list of recommended films.

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