Monday, 27 February 2017

Sporting Clothing

It's funny how 'professional' everything has become over the years. All these cyclists (of which we have hundreds around here) wearing skin-tight, aerodynamic Lycra, composite, designer helmets, and mirrored shades, riding bikes costing thousands of pounds. Not at all like when I was a kid and cyclists wore sou'westers, voluminous, yellow, oilskin capes that went over the handlebars and cycle-clips, looking like they were tacking up the road in anything more than a light breeze.

Here's a photo of my flat cap, which I call my 'George Mallory ascent of Everest' hat. It goes with a pair of plus-fours, a tweed jacket and a stout paid of boots with long, wooly socks - its all you need for climbing in the Himalayas, or indeed a bit of polar exploration....

The kefir worked out fine, even though I started out with no more than a teaspoon of the starter. Slightly effervescent (as you'd expect), but not as thick as I thought it would be, but that's probably just down to the small starter and the next batch will improve now that the starter has grown to a good cup-full. Hay is going to be the guinea-pig.

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