Friday, 3 February 2017

Lost Wax Method

Overheard while settling down to watch TV:

Hay: "Have you seen the state of your Father Jack chair?"

Overheard watching a documentary about 1930s poverty:

Narrator: "Sometimes, 60 people would share a single toilet."

Hay: "You'd be used too that, being a Northerner."

My God - I put a few pictures of some ships on my blog and the page hits go through the roof! What does that say the majority of my friends are?

Not at all impressed with IKEA candles this year. They just burn down in the middle, wasting half of the wax.

Waste of money.

My local MP, Luke Hall, was in the remain camp during the referendum, but the area as a whole voted for Brexit. Naturally, he reflected the wishes of the majority of his constituents and voted with the government, and I respect that. I equally respect those MPs who voted with their constituents. People calling for their lynching and threatening them obviously are not fans of democracy.

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