Friday, 27 May 2022

Blithering Idiot

So, not only is the Greasy Piglet a compulsive liar bereft of any scruple or integrity, he's not even capable of identifying a party from a work gathering, which means he's also a blithering idiot. Clearly, he's unfit to tackle the big issues - he may mistake the Ukrainian situation for the crisis in the NHS and send weapons to hospitals.

Attending parties during lockdown is not a simple mistake - it's a very serious error of judgement. It's a flagrant flouting of your own rules, which Boris, better than anyone, should understand. It's deliberate. It's believing you're above the rules set for the little people. It's monstrous hubris. It's thoughtless and careless. It's cavalier. It's normal for the Greased Piglet.

In failing to remove Johnson before he does any more damage to the country, the Tories have sealed their fate at the next General Election - unless, of course, a vast swathe of the electorate has also decided to ditch its moral compass in the pursuit of chaos and is happy for parliamentary lying to become standard practice. You reap what you sow - and what you vote for and allow to go unchallenged in the slow descent into the demolition of standards.

I can understand their quandary, however - when Boris has surrounded himself with talentless drones whose only attribute is loyalty, then there is no clear succession line for anyone with experience of government. He has turned the Tory Party in parliament into a self-perpetuating pool of idiots who give no thought as to the consequences of their inept, populist policies du jour.

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David Boffey said...

"{not even capable of identifying a party from a work gathering," To him work is partying.