Friday 22 September 2023

Maps of Meaning

Jordan Peterson is a damned good psychologist with many papers behind him; however, his academic output has waned considerably. 

He stopped his clinical practice in 2016 and retired from teaching in 2017, preferring to immerse himself in the Culture War, which has somewhat tarnished his reputation, but is probably earning him a fortune off the back of his public intellectual platform.

That's not to say everything he says is rubbish, but there's a fair dusting of Culture War stuff, which labels him as far right in the eyes of his critics, which he says he's definitely not. He's certainly not daft.

He is, however, siding with the conspiracy theorists on the Climate Change issue. One of his posts last week highlighted a NASA report that says the earth is greening due to the increased CO2 in the atmosphere. However, it was a selective reading that missed out the bit about CO2 being a major contributor to GW and extreme weather events. 

Also, while CO2 is indeed a contributor to plant growth, it also results in a decrease in the nutritional value of plants and cereal crops due to the lower nitrogen intake.

In 1999, Peterson authored a book called Maps of Meaning, which concerns itself with how people construct meaning from beliefs. On the basis of that, I can't help but think that his Twitter account is actually a vast experiment where he's using comments on his Twitter feed as a laboratory and there will be a follow-up book to Maps of Meaning.

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David Boffey said...

"He's certainly not daft" He most certainly is, and a blatant liar.