Monday, 15 February 2010

Conversations With Craravan

Caravan, as many of my readers will know, is Hay's father. He gained this soubiquet due to having lived in a caravan for 7 years while rebuilding the Folly. His wife is also known as Caravan, which can be quite confusing to those not within the family.

We took both the Caravans away for the weekend as it was Caravan's 74th birthday and we wanted to give them a treat. Here's a selection of conversations with him.

Chairman: “Caravan – I left a note on your door while we are away to tell the delivery man to take the package I’m expecting next door.”

Caravan: “But isn’t that advertising to everyone who calls that we’re not at home?”

Chairman: “So is the fact you won't be answering the door when they knock.”

Caravan: “Oh yes.”

Later, after we’ve all given Caravan his birthday presents.

Caravan: “Thanks for the cufflinks. The next time I get dressed up sufficiently to warrant using them will be at my funeral. They’ll come in very handy.”

Later still.

Chairman: "How does it feel to be 74?”

Caravan: “Well, it’s much better than the alternative.”

The next morning after The Chairman and Hay had suffered a night of hearing Caravan snoring in the next room.

Hay: “Caravan – you’d better call the RSPCA to come and collect that walrus that’s obviously trapped in your bedroom.”

Caravan: “A while ago I stayed up all night to see if I snored, and I discovered that I don’t.”

Caravan re-living the Blitz.


  1. There is a certain streak of logic there which I thoroughly admire.

  2. After those conversations I am wondering who had more of the treat - you or him. Beautiful.

    p.s. according to the visitors feed on your site, I used to live in Harlow, Essex (I don't) but now it shows that I live in Bishops Surrey? I hope no important government departments pull from this data....

  3. Now that I understand what Caravan refers to, your blog makes much more sense. ;)

  4. According to the visitor feed, I swim across Lago Maggiore every day just to tune in to CB from Lombardy. Sometimes I take a train all the way down to Sicily, and once or twice I have been shopping in Turin (lucky me)when my addiction to CB's wit has got the better of me. Either that or that's where the IP server is...

  5. PS Caravan's "better than the alternative" comment made me roar with laughter!

  6. You sure have interesting inlaws. Including the fact that are Caravan and Caravan. ha