Wednesday, 17 February 2010

Dogs and Moolah

Mullah Abdul Ghani Baradar has been captured in Pakistan, US officials say. What I want to know is when they’re going to get the most dangerous one of them all - Mullah Rice.

They’ve started to give guide dogs free bus passes in Bristol. I guess they had to do that as dogs are notoriously bad at handling money; give one a purse or a wallet and it’s pure mayhem. I’ve seen the irate queues of pensioners forming behind dogs fumbling for their money. I’m not sure of the wisdom of this move though as they’ll start going into town to buy bottles of strong cider and gathering in drunken packs in town centres.


  1. I am always puzzled by the signs on shop doors saying - "No Dogs - Except Guide Dogs"

    I presume that the person they are with is blind and thus cannot read the sign - therefore it must be the dog who on seeing and reading the sign thinks - "No Dogs" I can't go in there, but then notices the bit tagged on the end - So head high and tail a-wag into the shop he goes.

  2. That money won't get him far in Bristol...

  3. Amy read your post and wants to move to Bristol now.

  4. ...reminded me of the blind bloke who wandered into a shop swinging his guide dog around his head.
    'What are you doing?!'
    'Just looking around', he replied.

  5. And I want to know when will Mullah Kintyre be taken into custardy. He's been terrorising us ever since Al McQartney unleashed him on an unsuspecting world.
    Remember that hilarious moment in one of the "Pink Panther" films.
    Clouseau. "How can a blind man be a look-out?"
    Dreyfuss "How can an idiot be a policeman!"
    (Herbert Lom deserved an Oscar.)