Sunday, 21 February 2010

Votes For Sale

The Conservatives have come up with a hair-brained idea to garner votes in the forthcoming election – selling government shares in the baled out banks at a discount to those least able to afford them.

Those are partly my shares they’re talking of selling off at a loss; I’d much rather they offload the shares at their full market value so that the debt arising from buying them is discharged in full – or even possibly a profit.

Seems they're counting on the greed of the electorate to get them into power.


  1. I think that they are sailing very close to the wind with this one - it is actually against the law to bribe people to vote for you! And this scheme/scam gets very close to bribery.......

    Richard x x x

  2. I'll take the bribe - if I can afford it, that is!

    Just had my notification that I qualify for a 'full' state pension (and so I bloody well should, after paying in for the whole of my working life), but the surprise was the next post that brought a begging letter from the tax-man to 'pretty-please' let him know how much I shall be getting so that he can adjust his take!

    'Iniquitous' and 'Immoral' are two words that spring to mind.

    If any of the political party's want my silver-surfer vote they need to seriously consider not kicking me in the cojones when I am least able to kick back.

    It would be so 'affordable' not to tax a pension simply by doing away with the snivel-service job that exists to take back money handed out by his or her colleague at the next desk ...

  3. Richard: I agree.

    Fletch: I know a lot of my old school Old Boys in the same position as yourself. They retired abroad and were no longer eligible for a state pensdion.