Tuesday, 23 February 2010

Those Nice People From BT

I hear Tony Blair is claiming that Gordon Brown bullied him into starting the Iraq War.

A police dog handler has been found guilty of animal cruelty for leaving his dogs in his van on the hottest day of last year. I think I could have got him off the rap – I’d have challenged the prosecution to produce evidence for any hot days at all during 2009.

I heard on the local news last night that a team of homeless people have been taking part in an archaeological dig at Stokes Croft in Bristol. The site, Turbo Island, is a spot of derelict land measuring about 10 x 10 and is a haunt for local street drinkers (now there’s a career move from sales). So far they’ve managed to unearth half a dozen 17th century Tenants Extra ring-pulls and a 19th century bong.

Got our telegraph pole delivered yesterday by the kind people from BT.

It's meant for the caravan, but we'll probably use it for the house too. "A telegraph pole for a caravan?" I hear you say. Hay needs a landline for her work and so her boss sanctioned a new line - and that means a telegraph pole. Simples!


  1. Will a distinct lean to the left of said pole affect future political viewpoint?

  2. The guys from the Italian equivalent of BT put in a couple of new telegraph poles on our hill last year (after two years of begging). They were plastic. And the workmen stole rocks from the dry stone walling to help the cement along. And they left the old ones to rot on the side of the path. And my neighbour still doesn't have a landline. I could get very grumpy about things like that.

  3. So do you have to buy the pole or does it come with the service. And if you switch providers to Homecall or Talktalk, will they come and take it away?

  4. Jinksy: It's to do with the EU regulations on bananas.

    Louise: I'm not surprised.

    Alan: We have to pay for it - or rather Hay's boss does.