Wednesday, 24 February 2010

Kneecapping Afghan Sex Education

Overheard in an e-mail conversation:

Chairman: “Ugh – the crisp bread you put in with the normal lunch bread drew the moisture from the bread, resulting in the bread being dry and the crisp bread soggy.”

Hay: “Of course, you could always sort your own lunch out then this obviously wouldn’t happen!”

Chairman: “It was, however, delicious.”

Hay: “Hhhmmmmmmmmmmm…………………”

The Afghan President, Hamid Karzia, has announced that he’s appointing all five members of Afghanistan's Electoral Complaints Commission. To give him his due he did say that this was approved by both himself and his cabinet – in other words it’s been approved by the President and the President. Mmmm, so that’s OK then. Perhaps he should go back to his home planet – Skaro.

Sir Ben Kingsley (left) and Hamid Karzai (right).

I sniff a bio-pic in the air.

In the UK the Children’s Secretary, Ed Balls, has stated that a government amendment to allow faith schools more freedom to tailor sex education to their own beliefs does not give them a right to opt out of requirements to teach it in a balanced way that prevents them from spouting homophobic clap-trap and anti-contraceptive nonsense.

It’s a sad state of affairs when sex education has to be devolved to schools; it should be the right of each parent to decide when their child is ready for sex education (for some it will be earlier than others) and to provide that education themselves in the manner they see fit, or leave it where it rightly belongs - in the school playground. However, if it is going to be taught in schools then it must be taught in exactly the same manner to all pupils and not be subject to spin by well-meaning, but nonetheless deluded, believers in superstition and the wisdom and philosophies of barbaric tribal societies that lived thousands of years ago. Such instruction belongs in religious studies.

Klik to enlarge - as they say.

I wonder of there’s any truth to the rumour that Gordon Brown has asked Gerry Adams if he can arrange to have Christine Pratt and Andrew Rawnsley kneecapped over the allegations of his bullying.


  1. Why is there a photograph of me on your blog?

    Richard x x x

  2. Andrew Rawnsley knows all about bullying -- he was head of his house at Rugby School...

  3. Sex education? that's what t'internet is for isn't it?

    A couple of hours on youporn is all little Johnny needs ;) lucky tyke, getting hold of decent, erm.. educational material in my youth was a real feat of hormone assisted ingenuity.