Wednesday, 8 June 2011

Bloke of the North

04:30, left Bristol, 09:30 drop off a brochure at customer in Newcastle, 10:00 meeting in North Shields with a prospect, 11:30 leave North Shields, 16:30 back in Bristol. Never done that much driving before in one day.

The view of the 'Bloke of the North' is better coming into Newcastle, but I didn't have my camera ready, as I thought he was further out of the city. Snapped him on the way out instead.


  1. ...And you never called in - I and the Angel are mortally offended!

  2. How unpleasant! (the driving I mean, not Newcastle)

  3. Poor baby ! now you know what it is really like to have to work for a living. 1.5 hrs with a client.?? you sure you didn't bore him to death ( or to sign)