Sunday, 26 June 2011

A Trial? No - Send Him to the Asperger's Gallows of Peace

Overheard in the Caravan:

No.1 Son: "I can smell porridge."

Chairman: "P-O-R-R-I......"

No. 1 Son: "No - I said I can SMELL porridge."

Hay: "Was that an old people's home moment there Badger?"

Do you realise that the Daily Mail Tendency forms a large part of UK society and these imbeciles actually have a vote?

I know it’s a bit voyeuristic, but I sometimes read the Daily Mail Readers’ Comments on news stories – just to check they’re still behaving in a stereotypically moronic manner, and they never fail to justify my faith in them.

Yesterday I read the comments on the Levi Bellfield story and was gratified to see that the most highly rated Daily Mail Reader comments were in full support of the reintroduction of the death penalty, regardless of the fact that when the UK had the death penalty, a high number of people were executed who were later proven innocent .

Also, there was a groundswell of moronic Daily Mail Reader opinion that defendants should not be allowed to defend themselves – and of course if you’re arrested for a crime then you must be guilty and it’s actually pointless having a trial, thus saving the government unnecessary cost.

Ryan Cleary, a 19 year-old from Wickford, Essex who arrested as part of a Scotland Yard and FBI probe into online hacking group LulzSec, has been diagnosed with Asperger's syndrome, a court has heard. The court was told he is of high intelligence but has difficulty interacting with other people. So how does that make him different from any other 19 year-old?

Londonderry's 'peace bridge' has been officially opened to the public. The only problem is that it was filled with Papist Anti-Christs and Proddy heretics.

Apropos of yesterday's post about the impending teachers' strike; students will not be allowed to enter teacher training in England if they fail basic numeracy and literacy tests three times, under tougher rules to raise teaching standards. The National Union of Teachers said it considered the tests "superfluous", which is rather telling and explains a lot. Teachers are meant to be graduates, and if some are graduating from university without basic literacy and numeracy skills, that also says a lot about university admission policies and secondary school qualifications being worthless fluff (as we've all suspected for years). The whole system, from top to bottom, is corrupt - this is a national scandal and everyone, from the NUT to government, is colluding to cover it up.

Michael Gove has asked parents to go in to schools on the strike day to help out. The NUT, with typical disregard for logic, has said that it's pointless, as pupils won't get taught. Everyone knows that the vast majority of parents use schools as a creche to look after their kids while they're at the bookie or in the pub, and so long as at least one adult is there the purpose is served.

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