Friday, 10 June 2011

Pressure Policy Stamped

Under Pressure

Cameron seems to be incurring the wrath of the media for reversing government policy following rethinks.

What is wrong with reappraising your strategy? It’s what good planning is all about, after all. Doggedly following a plan, come what may, is the path to certain disaster.

However, having said that, the fact he is reappraising virtually every government policy is not a terribly good sign.

Cameron Says God Doesn’t Exist

Archbish of Cadbury, Rowan Atkinson, has accused Cameron and his government of being wrong to impose social policy in the manner of a right-wing dictator.

Right-wing dictator, Dave Cameron, responded by saying that it’s a bit rich for a magician, dabbler in metaphysics and believer in sky gods to round on politicians when his own grip on reality is a tad tenuous to say the least.

That being said, Dr Rowan is following a long tradition of religious leaders and arbiters of morality commenting on the ethical ramifications of political policy – he is after all a politician himself, sitting as he does in the House of Lords, as indeed does Jesus (albeit on a nepotistic basis), who himself was a thorn in the side of politicians.

Stamp Collectors Vilified

Sandy Upper School in Biggleswade has banned parents from the school sports day out of fear of paedophiles.

Can’t think why on earth stamp collectors would want to attend a sports day anyway, but there you go.

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  1. Religion is to ethics is like a flea to a dog..