Monday, 13 June 2011

The Blue Zucchini

Went to one of our favourite restaurants for lunch yesterday - the Blue Zucchini bistro in Tetbury.

Unfortunately the recession has hit them and as the owners (Pernile and Peter) are a couple with small kids, they have taken the brave decision to not open evenings for the duration. It's a great pity, but needs must, etc.

The food and wine is excellent, the welcome warm and the ambience superb. I can particularly recommend the half dozen or so risottos on offer.


  1. Mr Chairman - a high proportion of reviews are scathing. Why does it work for you ?

  2. Anon: Can't swear to it, but I believe it may be because we don't make unreasonable demands and we also keep children under control.

  3. It must be refreshingly empowering to own your own place and be able to tell arseholes to sling their hook. More places should do it, rather than cater to self-obsessed prats who think the world is there to pander to their unreasonable whims.

  4. Read the reviews - what a hoot! Sounds like the Fawlty Towers of Tetbury. I'd go now just for the experience!
    Trust the abundance of risottos doesn't equate to the Python 'spam' sketch? :^)