Saturday, 25 June 2011

Greek Goddesses at Glasto

Europe bails out Greece while Greek plutocrats continue to engage in their national sport of tax evasion.

Ukraine's ex-PM, Yulia Tymoshenko, goes on trial in Kiev, accused of abuse of power in connection with natural gas contracts. I refuse to believe it - the woman is a goddess, for heaven's sake! Anyone can see that.

No.1 son brought home a letter from school yesterday telling me that I have to take a day off work next week due to his teachers going on strike. The strike argument? Making teachers conform to the average-pay pensions most of us in the private sector get, and making them retire at the same age as we mortals in the private sector do.

If teachers don't like their conditions, then they should do what I do - leave and get another job. However, there is only a relatively small number of teaching posts in the independent school sector, and such schools can afford to choose from among only the best of the public sector. Additionally, while private sector teachers may be paid more, they don't get the gold-plated public sector pensions - swings and roundabouts. I'm afraid I have no sympathy for them in this instance.

Public sector workers are always comparing themselves to the private sector in order to justify various demands, but the boot is on the other foot now and the private sector is in many instances worse off. What's good for the goose is good enough for the teacher.

Glasto - I don't want to see the presenters wining on about their own coolness; I want to see the performers, please!

BB King - 87 and still going strong. During BB's long career many pop stars have been born and have died, but BB is there for the long run.

Never really liked Morrisey when I was younger - thought he was too far up himself. I can appreciate his lyrics now though; basically he was speaking to us in our later years when we could eventually come to understand what he was saying. There's nothing wrong with being opinionated - it's better than having no opinions, or worse still, assimilating someone else's without thinking. Morrisey at least lives and breathes his opinions - Nobbo from U2 certainly doesn't; like celeb perfumes, he's more concerned with image than substance. They do produce some excellent music though - Where the Streets Have No Name!

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