Friday, 17 June 2011

The Right to Die in the Falklands

You know all the furore over the Terry Pratchet TV programme about assisted suicide? Well, I reckon yon chap who has recently signed up to be the boss of al Qaeda is up for a bit of assisted suicide - he must be if he's willing to announce he's the new leader, especially after what happened to the last bugger to hold the post. It's a poisoned chalice - a bit like being on The Apprentice.

The Argentine President seems to be raking over the coals of the Falklands question and accusing the British government of colonialism. Only one criterion should dictate sovereignty of the Falklands - the will of the inhabitants. Any other consideration is colonialism, whether on the part of the British government or the Argentinian - and I believe the inhabitants made their thoughts clear some 30 years ago.

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  1. This Argentine president has been a disaster internally (so I read), so I guess it's about time she found something to divert attention from that.. las Malvinas, kerching!