Thursday, 2 June 2011

HTC Sensation - Sensational

Got an upgrade for my mobile on Saturday; the latest shiny thing from HTC - the HTC Sensation.

Nice bit of kit, but the battery life is atrocious. I've had to charge the damned thing twice a day.

Discovered that the Wi-Fi interfaces on these things drain power faster than an NHS budget, and of course using your Wi-Fi connection is cheaper than using all your data allowance, so it's a bit of a Catch-22 situation.

My solution has been to install an App called Juice Defender Ultimate, which automatically and dynamically opens and closes your data connections according to both a schedule and your use.

The results thus far look promising. I might even be able to get a full day from the damned thing now.


  1. If it's any use I achieve the same result by removing most onscreen widgets - on the basis that if I, for example, want to see the weather forecast I'll suffer the minor delay incurred to actually open the app.

    I've also moved the on/off switches for wi-fi, bluetooth, airplane mode and gps to the front screen - and only switch each back on when required.

    I've also set apps that poll the internet (like twitter) to a relatively low frequency, say once per hour rather than every five mins.

    I've disabled the auto screen off time-out, and just employ the habit of shutting the screen down after every use, by tapping the power button.

    None of this is hard work, and saves having yet another app running in the background just to manage power. I easily get more than a day out of each recharge.

    It's still a bit of a bloody shock compared to my last mobile - it lasted nearly a week on one charge!

  2. All the sales guys at my place buy those extra chunky batteries and ensure they have spare chargers littered around the countryside like WWII fuel depots...

  3. Ken: I couldn't believe how short the battery life is. You'd think they'd make the thing fit for purpose. My Juice Defender only opens the Wi-Fi or data connection when I open the phone, and also according to a pre-set schedule (which I can set - currently at 15 mins). I can also automatically switch it to aircraft mode according to a schedule so it's not polling overnight.

    Steve: Might get a solar panel on the car roof.

  4. I switch off background data... and also do the airplane mode when I really don't want my phone to bother me.
    My battery life isn't too bad considering the amount of time spent playing Angry Birds...

  5. 'Er indoors has the same problem, but cured it by buying two spare batteries off Ebay and keeping one in her handbag and one in the loo! Don't ask me, I'm male and obviously wouldn't understand the logic - but it keeps her happy. Nuff said...