Thursday, 9 June 2011

Divide a Marketing Pattern by Two?

Man City a Pattern for Modern Business, Say Unions

Man City's wages bill of 107% of revenues is a perfect way in which to run a business, union leaders have said.

Obidiah Higginbottom, Secretary General of the Steam Shovelers’ Union, said; “if only all business had this enlightened outlook, there would be no strikes.”

Olympic Ticket Lottery – a Marketing Tour de Force

The Chairman thinks the manner in which the Olympic tickets were sold was a marketing set-piece.

You have a plethora of games, the vast majority of which are not of the least interest to the average person. What better way to sell the tickets for these non-events than putting them into a lottery with tickets everyone will want?

Most people will get a consolation prize of a ticket for something they’re not really interested in watching. The really unlucky may get 2 such tickets.

Newly Qualified Teachers Confused

A Scottish council’s plan to pay newly qualified teachers half pay has confused university leavers – they’re not sure whether they should multiply a teacher’s full salary by two, or divide it by two in order to determine what they will earn.


  1. Manchester United's wages are 46% of revenue, Manchester City's are 107%!

  2. Phil - thanks for the correction.

  3. PS - given your occupation, does my mistake count as blasphemy?

  4. Simple errors are not blasphemy. Now if you had praised Manchester City I'm afraid the 9th circle of hell awaits!