Thursday, 6 October 2011

Armadillo Dentures on TV

Apropos of yesterdays post about the benefits of tactile buttons when emailing or texting; I recently had cause to email one of my work colleagues who rejoices in the forename of Arkadi (he is an Israeli of Russian extraction). I was somewhat rushed and didn't bother to check what my HTC had actually produced. Never having come across the name Arkadi before, the HTC translated it as Armadillo. It caused some hilarity at work,

Talking of extractions, had my new dentures (top and bottom) fitted yesterday; I feel like I have a large piece of masonry inhabiting my mouth and can't speak or eat properly, despite them being only partial.

The whole point of them was to enable me to 1) smile without showing gaps - especially as I'm meant to be giving a speech at my elder daughter's wedding on Saturday - and 2) eat a steak without having to swallow it whole. While 1 has probably been achieved, I fear 2 will be impossible and I'd rather eat without the damned things.

I guess I'm pretty lucky, as at my age neither of my parents had a single tooth of their own in their mouths and wore full dentures. I may be tempted visit Latvia next summer to engage in a spot of dental tourism and get some implants.

Is it me getting old and grumpy, or does making TV entertainment now consist almost entirely of following some poor bugger around with a camera while he or she is engaged in their mind-numbingly boring job or buying a house? Oh, sorry, I forgot about the repeats...


  1. Do Armadillos have teeth or just a long sticky tongue? A much more interesting question than television, don't you think.

    TV seems to consist of repeats, repeats and more repeats (there don't I just sound like the Telly). When we first got a digibox I used to watch the History Channel - I stopped watching it when I thought Fred Dibnah was a lodger. Indeed, I saw more of Fred than Mrs Dibnah, the women across the road had thing for Fred, his oily rag and greasy nuts. I now wait with baited breath for the time they repeat the news.

    A large part of the rest is made up of cheaply made public engagement programmes where people make fools of themselves or show-off bigtime.

    The remainder seems to be imported American and Australian soaps, homemade soap and old films.

  2. I am sure I have read this post before. Is it a repeat?

  3. No it's indigestion from not chewing properly