Tuesday, 18 October 2011

Intrinsic Value

Was running on a very tight schedule yesterday with 3 meetings in different parts of Rome. Only just made it to Fucino airport in time to buy a Mont Blanc pen, a pair of Timberlands and a Hermes tie before the flight to Genoa.

At least Rome airport has a higher restaurant to pointless-shopping-outlet r.atio than Heathrow T4 and I managed to get a meal.

Had a look at the Alitalia in-flight shopping magazine. I can't believe that people would pay over £200 for a pen. £200 for a work of art or something with intrinsic value, yes - but a bloody plastic pen for God's sake? It's delusional! The aura of supposed exclusivity is indeed a very powerful motivational force on the human ego. A Mont Blanc pen says a lot about the holder, but not what they think it says.

I note the BBC News website is now carrying adverts. I guess it was bound to happen eventually.


  1. There is no point having a flash pen if handwriting is poor.
    Horses for courses, magic knickers for flabby thighs, etc, etc...

  2. £200 can connect you to the internet and give you access to the accumulated knowledge of all human-kind, or you could get a plastic biro... hum.. tough one..