Monday, 31 October 2011

Overheard About Stick Insects

The Chairman has been trying (unsuccessfully) to get No.1 son to get rid of his stick insect collection, which has been growing exponentially, as they will not survive a winter in the caravan.

Chairman (to No.1 Son): "Those stick insects have to be gone by the end of today. I have warned you. By hook or by crook, they will go by teatime."

Hay: "You're not going to kill them, are you?"

No.1 Son: "What if they die of old age?"

Hay: "That's a point - how long to stick insects live?"

Chairman: "Till teatime on Sundays!"


  1. you can edit the article because you misspelled "THEY" or "THEY ARE"

  2. See my last but one bloglet re rats as pets, and my suggestion to you, Chairman, to get two for your son - You could always try feeding the stick insects to them?!

    p.s. PLEASE DON'T!

    Fhina x