Sunday, 2 October 2011

Merry Xmas - Back to Black on the Road

Given the heatwave, we decided yesterday to have a BBQ. I duly went to Lidl for some charcoal. I was horrified to be confronted by Xmas goods.

AC/DC have released four different brands of wine: You Shook Me All Night long Moscato, Hells Bells Sauvignon Blanc, Highway To Hell Cabernet Sauvignon and Back In Black Shiraz.

Not sure about you, but I can't help but get the feeling that the UK is being run by a bunch of boys barely out of nappies. Same goes for the opposition. Time was when it was inconceivable for any party leader to be under 60. I just wish they had a few grey hairs these days and a lower opinion of their powers of deception (they seem to have been exposed to the self-deception virus, which makes them think we can't see through their insincerity).

The government is considering increasing the speed limit to 80mph. Good idea! Personally, I stick to the speed limit when travelling to an appointment in order to save fuel. The only time I exceed 70mph is if I'm running late on the return journey. The greatest danger on motorways - which happen to be the safest roads on our transport network - is drivers (especially lorry drivers) falling asleep.

A decision has to be made as to what is an acceptable level of motorway road deaths and set the limit accordingly. Everything we do carries risk and it's just a case of determining what is a acceptable level. I have no issue with that.

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  1. What, no 'You Want Bull's Blood, You Got It'?