Wednesday, 12 October 2011

OK - Here Are All the Photos

Well, the wedding photos have been massaged to within an inch of their life and here are the results.

To explain, Charlie (my elder daughter) has learning difficulties and Graeme had a severe stroke in his early teens, which left him disabled.

They met at Beaumont College, Lancaster, when both attended in their teens. Beaumont College provides courses to learners with learning difficulties and disabilities.

A couple of years ago they ran across each other again after 16 years or so, and love blossomed.

I particularly like the photo of Graeme and his best man coming down the stairs - he looks like a mafia don.


  1. A grand turnout Chairman - and not a tooth out of place!
    My very best wishes to them both.

  2. You must have felt so proud of your daughter. She looks beautiful. What a lovely story too. I hope they'll be very happy together.