Friday, 7 October 2011

Catch 22.5 for Apple in Cirencester

Strange, isn't it? The economic crisis was caused by people having too much debt; it's being extended because people are cutting back in order to pay off their debt (or actually because easy credit is no longer available), yet the only solution to the crisis going on forever is people spending more and getting deeper into debt. It would have been better if people had never gotten into debt in the first place.

The ridiculous thing is that people like me, who have no debt (and thus did not contribute to the economic collapse) are being punished through low interest rates on our savings, while those with heavy debt are revelling in record low interest rates. Summat not quite right about that.

It it right to have low interest rates so businesses can borrow to hire more people to produce more stuff for people to buy on more credit?

Ref Steve Jobs' death: it's like Princess Diana all over again. In the 60s and 70s the gurus were Indian mystics; these days they are the technology wizards. I wonder if there will a similar outpouring of emotion when Dyson eventually kicks the bucket?

When I Googled "Dyson turnover" I discovered that Dyson's revenue was £770m in 2010; when I Googled "Apple turnover" I got nothing but confection recipes.

I hear the Conservatives are to give help toward childcare for low income families and thus encourage them into work. Canny buggers, these Conservatives - offering money which they know they won't have to pay out, as there are no jobs for these parents to go into.

Personally, I can't see what's wrong with staying at home to look after your kids. If you can't afford kids without both parents working, then perhaps you shouldn't have kids in the first place.

Going up to Accrington for my daughter's wedding shortly, so posting may be sporadic till Monday. Hope the dentures stay in during my speech - I'm finding it impossible to say; "Cirencester." Hay has threatened to heckle me with comments such as; "Say Cirencester," or "Say Suzie sews socks on the sea shore."

I may get a post or photo logged with my Blogger App.


  1. Have a good wedding : and don't worry, people's teeth always fall out in Accrington. It's something in the water over there.

  2. Good luck with the speech and have a great wedding!

  3. You could also say "six mixed biscuits". I agree with you that it's good for kids to have their parents available and accessible. But so much of this talk starts to seem irrelevant when there is becoming less opportunity to get a job even if you want one.