Monday, 17 October 2011

I Hate British Airports

Heathrow Terminal 4 on the way to Italy for a couple of days - 300 shops which are devoid of anyone but window shoppers and only 3 (fully packed) restaurants where, even if you manage to get a seat, you would have to turn up 60 minutes before the statutory 2 hours to stand any chance of getting a meal.

I was forced into taking out a mortgage on a sandwich and drink a cup of lukewarm froth.

Can't help feeling BAA has got it all wrong.

What witless idiot buys any of the exorbitantly priced crap on display in airport shops anyway? I'm certain the Burberry, Mont Blanc and Harrods concessions are solely for marketing purposes and don't actually sell a single overpriced trinket.

We're having second thoughts about the solar PV for the house. It surely can't be long before even the self-deluded brigade at Friends of the Earth realise that the only option for limitless and cheap electricity is nuclear. Added to which I don't trust governments and their promises on feed-in-tariffs 5 years hence, let alone 25 years hence.


  1. I was reading another blog the other day, and the writer had saved over a £1,000 or something with his solar panals. I will try to remember where I read it!!

  2. Guess you've got to balance it up with an "initial cost/maintenance/savings/how long you think you're going to live" formula.
    Could be handy in a power cut or future nuclear reactor meltdown I suppose...