Wednesday, 26 October 2011

Where's The Beef?

A Greek, an Italian and a Portuguese go into a bar and order some drinks. Who pays? The German, of course!

Some bloke in Holland has come up with the brilliant idea of growing meat in a test tube, thereby placating the animal rights activists, releasing millions of acres for vegans to grow vegeburgers (or travellers to put their caravans on) and putting livestock farmers out on the streets.

Was watching an advert for some conservation fund that wants donations to protect an endangered snow leopard, of which there are only 35 left in the world. It struck me that this snow leopard is blissfully unaware that it is endangered and probably doesn't give a toss one way or t'other. The reason we humans want to protect this animal is not for the benefit of the animal itself (as I said, it isn't aware of being endangered and ain't exactly going to say thanks), but for our own enjoyment. There's irony in this.


  1. There's too much bloody irony creeping into your blog-posts recently. We save the snow leopards because it is in their interests, whether they like it or not.

  2. Alan: I though it was to keep David Attenborough and the BBC Wildlife unit in jobs.

    Irony is as irony does (whatever that means).

  3. Nature is an interlinked system, so any loss has an impact on something or someone, remove a top predator and usually bad things happen lower down the food chain.