Sunday, 30 October 2011

Quaking European War on Wine & Cigars

The European Union was set up to eliminate the possibility of European nations ever going to war again. The way things are going, I wonder whether the inevitable collapse of the Euro will lead to the next European war.

As for that Silvio Berlusconi - useless Prime Minister, but I did like his Spaghetti Westerns, in fact I watched For a Few Dollars More on TV last night.

Jimmy Savile has died yesterday at the age of 84. I knew smoking all those cigars would get him in the end.

At the other end of the scale, children as young as 12 claimed they drank the equivalent of 19 glasses of wine per week when questioned for a UK-wide survey of 83,000 school pupils. Since when did anyone believe anything kids tell them?

Talking of delusions, Syrian President Bashar al-Assad warns of an "earthquake" if the West intervenes in his country. I can't see the relationship between political intervention and seismic activity myself, but there again he is just a teensy bit insecure.


  1. If the collapse of the Euro is so inevitable why does it keep going up in value against the British pound? You can't get a Greek haircut for less than the equivalent of £20 these days!

  2. Alan: a bit of synchronicity going on there - seems I was commenting on your post just as you were commenting on mine.

    As for the Euro - it's illogical, as much of economics is. The Chinese baling out the Euro will not solve the problem - which remains a productive north and a sleep-walking south. The debts still have to be paid, but to the Chinese; the Greeks and Italians still have to learn not to lie about their economies.

    The value of the Euro is based on an ephemeral and misplaced optimism.

  3. There may be some trembling in Syria but it's not seismic.

  4. the government should impose greater tax on companies and suppliers of this tobacco and cigarettes.