Sunday, 18 November 2012

20 Turbines Please in Gaza

Why is it people are so against wind turbines? Would they rather have a coal-fired power station on their doorstep? I know which I'd prefer, not that I believe they are a long term solution to our power needs - that can only come from nuclear fusion.

The common complaint is that that turbines blight the landscape - so why don't we put them in areas that are already blighted, like Manchester, Birkenhead, Birmingham and Hackney? Problem solved...

Talking of blighted areas, what's to happen in Gaza? The problem is that we in the West use negotiation to solve these kind of problems, which invariably involves both sides making concessions. This concept is alien to the Semitic mind; concession is interpreted in the Middle East as a sign of weakness that is is despised and to be taken advantage of.

Our solutions are not applicable to the Arab-Israeli conflict, the root cause of which goes back a century and a half and not just to 1948 or even the Balfour Declaration - it could even be said to have its seeds in the destruction of Jerusalem by Hadrian. You can't go poking a dog with a stick and not expect it to bite you - and that applies equally to both sides in the conflict.

The tragedy is that people view conflict only from their own position and trying to attach blame when the history goes so far back is an exercise in utter futility. We are where we are, as they say.

I've just heard that Lord McAlpine is a Tory. Disgusting!


  1. Having recently dealt with an Israeli company I can say with fair certainty that they are the most arrogant race I have ever had dealings with. The positiveness that they are NOT wrong in anything and us mere mortals must be doing everything else wrong to cause their issues makes me sure that we will never see end to the conflict in the area.. Phil Putting a million windmills there would not sort the problem however nuclear fusion in the region may sort the whole thing out !

    1. I must say I've only ever found them to to be discourteous and arrogant to those who are discourteous to them.

  2. Who the Israeli or the French ? .. personally I think its all bloody foreigners! no fish and chips, no bacon butties ? heathen the bloody lot of them !