Tuesday, 6 November 2012

I Wonder About Politicians

I wonder how much ash dieback disease will be transmitted by the 500 odd, well-meaning inspectors charging up and down the country inspecting ash trees for signs of ash dieback disease.

I wonder how many companies will reduce the wages of their staff to the entirely voluntary (and hence completely fatuous) Living Wage and then crow in all their marketing material that they pay their staff a Living Wage?

Got another batch of voting stuff for the Police and Crime Commissioner thing yesterday. Put them with the other PCC stuff that came through the post - in the kindling bucket. Pointless exercise - crime has gone down here by 6% and these damned-fool politicos are saying they will reduce crime by putting more police on the streets. How the hell are they going to do that (not that it's even necessary) when central government has reduced police numbers? Boycott the damned thing, I say - exercise in democracy, my arse! More like jobs for failed politicians. If it ain't broke, don't try fixing it.

I looked up the website of the only independent candidate - the usual clap-trap about impossible aims and democracy, but not one word about her background or expertise in management or policing.

I hear that the police investigating the Jimmy Savile case are following up allegations that Freddy Starr is a comedian.


  1. I was feeling quite depressed until I got to your last line and had to snigger.

    1. Notice your place is not by invitation only.

    2. PS - Starr's 34 year-old girlfriend maintains that not once in the 25 years they've been together has she suspected him of being a bit weird.

    3. A temporary glitch, Mr Chairman.... I will be back for Christmas.