Monday, 12 November 2012

Eton Mess

Yesterday I was perusing a Sunday Telegraph's school photo of Archbishop Justin Welby during his time at Eton. It was startling that the overwhelming majority of the names on the photo seem to have parasitic jobs in finance, stocks and hedge funds rather than jobs involved in making things. Eton seems to have a stranglehold on the money markets.

The media is bleating that regulation is not the way to clean its Augean stable of bad journalism and fabrication, yet not so long ago the very same media was howling for tighter regulation of the financial industry. Both industries peddle falsehood and have the power to make innocent people's lives a misery - as far as I'm concerned, what's good for the goose is good for the gander. The occasions of the Daily Mail being in the dock and having to apologise for fabricated stories are legion. It costs them less, however, to keep paying compensation than to get their facts right.


  1. CB, but that's the point of Eton, it makes "managers" not "doers"; but I agree with your sentiment, there's only so much "management" needed in an economy, eventually someone has to actually make something to "manage", the Slough Grammar lot too often forget that IMO.

    Hopefully Welby has a bit more life experience than most in his position, although a career working in the Finance departments of large corporate oil companies isn't the best background for understanding reality.

    1. Steve - the question is, why don't they become senior managers in real industry, rather than gambling?