Friday, 2 November 2012

The Savile Enquiry.

In the rush to eradicate Jimmy Savile's name from hospitals to new towns, do you think Savile Row will suffer?

A whole swathe of Top of the Pops re-runs will now have to be trashed and BBC2's output has been compromised.

What about the name Jimmy - will St James' Hospital (known as Jimmy's) have to change its name.

Will anyone called Jimmy be hounded out of the local community and be forced to live on the streets?

Will going for a Jimmy take on a whole new meaning?

Will anyone be able to go down to the Gym without hanging their heads in shame?

From the latest arrest, it would appear Ringo Starr is going to have to revert to his real surname of Starkey.

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  1. Celebs must be even more terrified than usual about kicking the bucket at the moment, could lead to a surge in life-support machine sales?