Wednesday, 14 November 2012

Standards in Journalism at Hotels

I was listening to the BBC News on TV last night and there was an item about nursing cuts. The Royal College of Nursing said something about 20% staffing cuts; the government said the RCN was scaremongering. I was left none-the-wiser. This seems to typify news reporting - put one side and then put the other, with no attempt whatsoever to dig deeper and deliver the truth to the viewer/listener. It's all about "balance" and not "truth". I remember the days when journalism was about analysis and finding the truth within stories.

Heard an item on the news just now that schizophrenics are not receiving the care they need - or so the voices in their heads are telling them.

Hotels have generally implemented a system where you have to use your room card to operate the lift. Not sure why - I've evaded such systems many a time by simply using the stairs (if it's a couple of flights) or jumping in straight after someone else. Sometimes these systems aren't at all intuitive, especially after you've lost all your intuition after a good dinner and a skinfull of booze with a client or mate you haven't seen in years.

There were one or two interesting things to be seen at the exhibition yesterday:

A nice model of a megayacht.

A nice teak and stainless steel gangway.

I just seem to have a thing about chandeliers at the moment.

Oops - don't know how that one got in there.

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  1. Aaaaaaaaaaaarrrr there any pirates there?