Tuesday, 27 November 2012

Tribal Rules for the Galaxy Note 2

A poll suggests British pupils should learn more about Christianity and how it has affected British history. I do tend to agree. More than half (58%) said it was important for children to know about the history of Christianity, major Christian festivals (56%) and how it distinguishes right from wrong (51%).

The latter appears to have be determined by some arbitrary (and in some cases illogical) decisions made by a bloke who wrote down some tribal laws about 3,000 years ago in a patriarchal society far, far away from here. Surely it's about time some of these rules were updated by Act of Parliament (and logic) and made relevant to the here and now?

I adore the Damsung Galaxy Note 2 I got last week - bloody fantastic. However, I have one complaint - the charging port is in the wrong position. It's in the base, which means if you want a flip cover, you can only charge it with the flip open, as there's no suitable hole in the cover (even if it had a hole, you couldn't open the cover while charging. There's also the issue of extracting the S Pen from the bottom of the device, which is nigh impossible with a vertical flip.

So I bought another cover that flipped open sideways - but it flips to the left, making opening it to take a call a bit of a nightmare and you have to bend the lid right back on itself so you can get your hand around the machine, which ain't going to make the cover last all that long. Worth the hassle though.

On Sunday morning we had the Great Old Sodbury Landslide, caused by the excess water in the escarpment up the road. 6 houses were evacuated to The Dog - I expect those taking up residence weren't too upset (no damage to the houses, but plenty of booze on tap).

Still recovering from my bout of severe Man Flu and coughing up all manner of nasty bits. The worrying thing is that I've completely lost my sense of taste (and I don't mean sartorial - that went when I turned 50).

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  1. Christianity distinguishing right from wrong, what a sick joke...