Wednesday, 7 November 2012

Tight Fit

I've been putting on a bit of weight recently and appear to have migrated from a 34 inch waist to a just under a size 36 - although I believe it has more to do with clothes manufacturers under-sizing trousers than weight gain.

Yesterday I went to the local charity shop and managed to find 3 pairs of trousers of the 36 inch variety which are identical to 3 pairs of the 34 inch variety I already own. St Peter's Hospice shops are good like that, they get all the brand new Marks Spencer rejects and end of season stuff, so you can almost guarantee you'll get the same trousers time after time - and in a range of sizes (where else can you get 3 pairs of trews for £17?).

Over dinner I mentioned to Hay that my (supposedly) 34 inch waist trousers are getting a bit large and showed her the slight excess of waist-band, hoping she'd stop bugging me about piling on the pork and the waxing girth - at least for a while. Rather than praising me, she said she'll take them to the charity shop and get me some 32 inch waist trousers.

Another brilliant idea scuppered by a bloody woman. Just wondering when I should fess-up - although with her being psychic (all women are), I suspect she knew all along...


  1. Never spar with Women on matters of health and body weight, my experience is that it's a bit like attacking a fully armoured Samurai with a plastic fork...

  2. Oh man, you are such a slow learner... (tsk! tsk!)

  3. Get yourself some of those elasticated jogging pant things - I hear that the St Jimmy Memorial Charity has a few pairs to flog.