Sunday, 26 May 2013


We went for a nice lunch in Wells yesterday (I can heartily recommend Old Spot on Saddler St) and I spotted this house sign outside a hardware shop.

I was sorely tempted to buy it, but it was only a shop sample and I really want something with a more artisan feel to it.

Something I am going to have a go at making is this clothes dryer we saw one of those twee shops selling enamelled kitchenware and scented soaps. Will go well hanging from the oak beams in the kitchen.

Can't be too difficult, with a bit of assistance from Messrs B&Q's stair department, but I'll use a little less lacquer. Perhaps using recycled legs from an old Freecycle gate-leg dining table might be more in order.

I'm already well into make-do-and-mend - I'm using an old sanded down pallet as a temporary dining table centre-leaf till I decide whether to have one fabricated in stainless steel by the guy who did the kitchen canopy (which would look spectacular), or recycle some spare oak floorboards (which are an almost perfect match).

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