Tuesday, 14 May 2013

Very Kwik Fit Kitchen Canopy

Was watching the closing stages of the Spanish Grand Prix on Sunday at which Hay expressed wonderment at the speed with which the cars completes pit stops. This prompted us to consider the consequences of Team McLaren starting an innovative new business - Very Kwik Fit. Imagine a string of Very Kwik Fits studded along our major motorways where you could stop for your car's annual service, having it completed in under 10 seconds.

The cooker hood/extractor was installed yesterday - just the electrics to be sorted out by Hay's dad and the cable to be plastered over.

Not bad for a urinal.

Hay and I are thinking of some black or grey dado-style topping tiles to the splash back, for want of a better word.


  1. Cute.... something of a monument to the Kitchen.'

  2. First glance I thought it was the bathtub in its handy stowage.