Wednesday, 15 May 2013

Kanopied Library of Thought

Realised yesterday's post should have been titled; "Kwik-Fit Kitchen Kanopy". Also realised we should have given some consideration to a light for the said kanopy - somehow it got left out of the design, despite having been mulled over. Hay has ordered a magnetic jobbie, but we both agree a couple of old-fashioned inspection lights (the ones in wire cages) would look perfect as a post-industrial addition.

Going to give Colin (the builder) free rein on building us a library-sized bookcase at one end of the living room right up to the top through the minstrel gallery - I desperately need somewhere for all our books. I'm certain it will be spectacular. Colin enjoys working for us, as we don't interfere and allow his own creativity to flower, just providing the initial concept.

Here's a challenge - try thinking without using words. Clear your mind of words and see how far you can get without words popping into your head. Animals must think  that way.


  1. Stainless steel ..... Magnetic..... must be crap stainless if that works !!