Thursday, 16 May 2013

Bookish Under Floor Magnetism

Well, you live and learn, Discovered yesterday that, counterintuitively, stainless steel is non-magnetic.I put No.1 son's most powerful niobium magnet against the cooker hood and - zilch. About as magnetic as paper. Apparently is has something to do with the impurities they add to increase corrosion resistance and the temperature at which it's manufactured.

Colin has made good progress on the bookcase - we went for painted MDF with some oak skirting around the base to make it look fully built-in, as opposed to an aferthought. Rather than Farrow & Ball Elephant Breath, Hay went for B&Q Cool Slate, at less than 1/3rd of the price. I'm sure the F&B paint on the kitchen furniture must have doubled the cost of making it (5L of the stuff is an extortionate £86, so I discovered).

Another similar section is being constructed today to sit atop the one in the photo and take it to almost full roof height upstairs.

I could probably have done it myself, but it would have taken several months to think about it, another 6 weeks to do it, and lots of wasted MDF. Better to use a professional and, at £150 a day, Colin is worth his weight in gold. Him being a neighbour and friend helps too, along with the fact that as he built the house he knows to within a centimetre where all the pipes and cables are located in the walls, thus minimising the potential for total disaster.

The under floor heating is marvellous (seems I've adopted the American spelling with one L and the spell-checker picked it up). We had to switch it on again this week due to the inclement weather. On a couple of occasions we've had the double doors at each end of the house open for some door adjustment and fixing stays to them; whereas in a radiator heated house it would have taken several hours for the house to get back to a reasonable temperature, the massive under floor heat-sink meant you never even knew the doors had been open in the first place.

I absolutely adore this house!

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