Monday, 20 May 2013

Politician Denies...

Danny Alexander has said that rumours of a leadership plot against Clegg are nonsense. That's 100-1 on for a leadership contest then.

"Tories united on Europe," says Hunt. So the rumours they're in total disarray must be correct!

I think we should pull out of the Eurovision song contest. It's nothing more than an exhibition of mutual admiration between cliques. The idea that it is an egalitarian cultural exchange was trashed decades ago; that's why the Brits field geriatrics or no-hopers every year. It is, however, more democratic than the EU itself.

A group of business leaders (those same institutions that engage on tax avoidance on a massive scale) say Eurosceptics are putting politics before economics. Well, as has been proven countless times, economics is not a science, but a matter of opinion; for every economist who takes one view, there will be another who takes a diametrically opposed view. The real question is whether there is a will within the EU for massive reform. I have my doubts (which is also a matter of opinion) - there are simply too many with vested interests in maintaining the status quo.

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