Sunday, 5 May 2013

Coffee Faffing

Got me one of those big espresso coffee machines from the charity shop a few weeks ago. Decided to get it out and test drive it last night. What a kerfuffle!

The number of processes and faffing around that's needed to make a single cup of coffee are increased exponentially by this thing, added to which if you want to make coffee for 6, the first one is stone cold by the time you're only half way through. Even cleaning it involves more effort than washing the dishes and pans after dinner for 6 - and the milk welds itself to the milk frother thingie.

We've got one of those pod coffee machines at work (Nespresso?) - damned thing hardly ever gets cleaned and is one day sure to kick off an epidemic of something nasty in the Eastleigh area.

I'm usually all for labour-saving machines, but this one is misnamed. The old fashioned cafetiere is an infinitely simpler, more efficient and more elegant device. 

The espresso machine is going on FreeCycle today or back to the charity shop on Tuesday; some things are just for show and not practicality

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