Sunday, 12 May 2013


Noticed an article in the paper this morning about the Tory party being in disarray over Gay Marriage and some reactionary quarters being sufficiently emboldened by the increase in support for UKIP to demand registrars' religious views should be taken into account when presented with a gay couple wanting to get married.

To me this is raising religious views to the level of being rational. Let's not beat about the bush; having views that are dictated by a mythical being is not a rational standpoint. Saying your God or god(s) (and there are many, each saying different things) says it's a sin is an irrational viewpoint that can be used to justify any position, be it high-minded or utterly bizarre, the majority of religious views falling into the latter category. 

Present a rational argument based on ethics, possible harm to others, etc., and I will listen, but just saying your non-corporeal and impossible-to-prove deity says it's not allowed is an argument having no credibility whatsoever.

The maxim should be, so long as it harms no-one and doesn't frighten the horses, allow it! To maintain it's an affront to your personal deity carries no more weight than for me to say it's a personal affront to my washing machine - at least I can prove my washing  machine is real.


  1. My washing machine is sensitive like that too, an affront loader...

  2. Knowing my thoughts on Horses and god Phil, you only lend confusion to the whole thing by putting them in the same story... Sod the bloody Horses, who cares if they are scared....

    I have a similar washing machine to both you and Steve... its real and doesn't scare easily.....

    1. Ours in quivering - Hay is about to fill it up with my jox n sox after my trip.