Friday, 17 May 2013

Overheard in the House

Overheard while Colin is building our bookshelves:

Hay: "Bloody hell, Colin - those shelves are fantastic! They look almost like a professional did them."

Colin (looking hurt): "But I am a professional - I do nothing but build houses and make things out of wood!"

Hay: "That didn't come out right..."


Colin: "I don't agree with those fire doors you have to put in some properties. There's a seal around them that expands and locks the door into place and stops the fire or fumes progressing. Just imagine if Jan's door was locked in a fire - how would he be able to get out of his bedroom?"

Chairman: "He's on the ground floor - he'd climb out of his window."

Colin (looking sheepish): ".....Oh yes, there is that...."


Hay: "Badger, you're going to have to sort out this tea making thing. You put the kettle on to boil and then go back to your computer and forget it has boiled. This happens about 3 times before you manage to remember to pour the water into the cups immediately after the kettle has boiled. Then you forget you poured the water into the cups and the teabags have stewed. You then have to throw away the tea and start all over again. A simple cup of tea takes you 30 minutes to make!"

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