Sunday, 1 June 2014

It's the News

11 pages about the Qatar World Cup bid in today's Sunday Times, before you get to any other news at all. I just don't care!

Been using Hay's computer this weekend. Accidentally left my laptop at work in Southampton on Friday and only realised when I got home (93 miles away). Managed to get my secretary to have it couriered for next day delivery, but Hay managed to persuade me to go for a walk at 07:45 yesterday and I agreed, thinking I'd be back in plenty of time for the package to be delivered. No chance - it arrived at 8:15 and because I wasn't in it was returned to the depot. 

The courier had been given my phone number, but decided not use it, or to leave a consignment number so I could go in the web and rearrange delivery - bastard! Thank God the depot is only a couple of miles away and I can collect it at 8am tomorrow. As MD, I think we'll not be using TNT again - and we do a lot of spares shipments around Europe.

Luckily I can still access email on my mobile or via webmail, and all my data is in DropBox, so work-wise it's not a big issue. However, using a laptop I'm unfamiliar with is a big issue!

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