Tuesday, 24 February 2015

Back to the House

A few weeks ago we employed the services of a local farmer (Danny, who Hay used to know at school) to flatten the hump of spoil from the house footings. He spread it over half the field (you can see it in the distance on the left side of the 1st photo below), facilitating access to the hedge once more - which had additionally been severely pruned back by another farmer friend. It's useful to know the odd farmer - they have all manner of equipment.

Over the weekend we planted some shrubs along the 'garden' along the edge of the lane (on the right of the photo below, but out of shot). During the process we had to dig out the clay from about 20 holes and dump it on the upper field.

While Hay was dumping a barrow load, she came across what I can only describe as the foreleg of a Yorkshire terrier - at least that's what it looked like to me. Perhaps it had fallen foul of a local fox (possibly the one I saw flattened on the road on Friday).

Not aware of anyone local who even owns a Yorkie, let alone a lost one. 

The shed you see on the left is the remains of No.1 Son's bedroom from when it was attached to the caravan. We left it in place and Perry is now using it as a place to do his drum practice. It will have to go soon though, as it's a bit of an eyesore.

The flattened foundation spoil.

View down the field toward the house, showing the pad for the cabin on the right. Hopefully the cabin will be finished this year. Next on the build schedule is a large garage and workshop for me and my eventual retirement.

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  1. That's what you get CB when you live in these strange 'Wicker man' locations... eye of newt, toe of frog, foreleg of Yorkie